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DoReWe Diary # 12


Oktober 2023

Dear DoReWe members and dear music lovers,

Welcome to the twelfth edition of the DoReWe Journal. We hope you will enjoy reading it and we invite you to write to us or follow us on  Facebook  and Instagram.

In the twelfth edition of the DoReWe Journal, you will find the following exciting stories:

V dvanajsti izdaji DoReWe Dnevnika boste našli naslednje razburljive zgodbe:

DO RE WE NEWS: Parent meetings for parents/Halloween night and premiere of the mini-musical Pumpkin Roundhead

FANTASTIC TIP: How to become a better musician?

SONATA FROM THE STREET: Collaboration with Miki Dance School

LA LA QUIZ: Where did our team hang out?

TINY TREASURES: Share the invitation for the performance of The Lion Inside



Parent meetings for students' parents

In the month of October, parent meetings for the parents of our students took place. Two parent meetings were conducted in the Slovenian language, and one in English. Parents received a lot of useful information regarding (1) our programs, (2) the course of the school year, (3) performance dates, (4) contact persons of our school, (5) mentors, etc. For all absentees, the meeting was recorded, so besides the presentation slides, you can also listen to the meeting. For any additional questions throughout the year, we are, of course, always available via the email addresses and phone numbers provided in the presentation.

Halloween night and premiere of the mini-musical Pumpkin Roundhead

For this year's Halloween night, DoReWe singers and pianists, along with dancers from Miki Dance School, prepared a mini-musical titled PUMPKIN ROUNDHEAD. The mini-musical premiered on Saturday, October 29, at Supernova Šiška.

The theatrical musical performance narrates the story of brave boy Tim and his friends, who try to unravel the legend of the origin of Halloween night through songs in an entertaining way. The scary witch predicts the arrival of the Pumpkin Soul, who knows the legend of the creation of this holiday. Tim is first visited by the spirits of Halloween night, who dance the Boogie in their white capes. Despite the dancing spirits, Tim remains brave and awaits the arrival of the Pumpkin Soul, who alone can reveal the secret. The message of the musical is that light is what drives away darkness.

Our performers - Brina as the Pumpkin Soul, Frane as brave Tim, Lia, Sheila, Ronja, Julija, Nour, Zala, Neli, Urša, Eva, Amadeja, Iva, Marta, and Mila as the ghosts, convincingly played and sang their roles, delighting the audience.

The dancers from Miki Dance School also performed their routines excellently.



How to become a better musician? Look at 10 tips!

  1. Practice different piano techniques We would like to emphasize that simply playing songs on your instrument is not necessarily the same as playing technical exercises such as scales, chords, etc. When a professional musician practices their instrument, they often go through scales and work hard to improve their technique. Set aside dedicated practice or warm-up routines for each day to memorize these scales. 🎹

  2. Set goals Set realistic goals on every occasion and strive to achieve them, whether it's learning a specific scale by heart or mastering the entire song by the end of the week. They can be short-term goals, like practicing for 60 minutes every day or learning a new section. Or they can be more long-term goals. By achieving your goals, you will enjoy the achieved more as your skills begin to develop, and approach each practice more positively. 🥅

  3. Patience Perhaps the most important quality for a musician who wants to improve their playing on an instrument is patience, especially if you are just starting out. Do not take your frustrations out on the instrument. Stay calm and keep practicing! No one becomes a virtuoso overnight, so if you hit a wall, don't worry, just keep going until you succeed. Becoming a truly excellent musician takes a lot of time and effort. ‍⏰

  4. Make it fun While it's important to work on both (more boring) techniques - don't forget to make your practice fun! Learn your favorite songs to keep yourself feeling fresh and excited about your instrument. For a musician, the worst thing is if playing becomes an unwanted task, rather than a pleasant experience.🥳

  5. Organize group music sessions Whether you plan to start a new band or just enjoy hanging out with friends, playing in a group can help improve your technique, timing, and improvisation skills. Playing with other people often exposes you to new ideas and methods and is a great way to receive real feedback on your playing style. It's also more fun in the company of other musicians. 👥

  6. Recognize your adaptability - tonalities Continuing from the previous point: if you plan to play with other musicians, it's important to be able to recognize which key you are playing in at any given moment and adjust your approach accordingly - unless you're a drummer, of course! 🎶

  7. Trust your mentor Lessons with a mentor are one of the most effective ways to become a better musician, regardless of your level of knowledge. It's always good to learn something new, and a professional mentor can help you develop new techniques and improve old ones, prepare new songs of your choice and abilities, and help you reach a higher level in a shorter time. 👨‍🏫

  8. Get to know your instrument A good musician should thoroughly know their instrument, equipment, and techniques. You cannot produce excellent sound if you do not know the capabilities and limitations of your instrument. If you and your instrument do not yet know each other well, it makes no sense to spend thousands of euros on a new, top-of-the-line model when you can achieve the same results with what you already have. Learn everything about your chosen instrument, and you'll have a better time together.😃

  9. Find online resources There are many free resources for musicians who want to improve their skills and learn new songs. Explore them and use them according to your abilities. 🌐

  10. Move out of your comfort zone We are often tempted to stick to what we already know, but as a musician, you should try to leave your comfort zone as often as possible, explore new ways of playing, and constantly challenge yourself. It can be frustrating and takes time and work, but the feeling when you master something completely new is almost always worth it. Later, you will look back with pride and see how far you have come! 👍



We are delighted to have chosen Miki Dance School for the preparation and execution of the mini-musical Pumpkin Roundhead. We believe that other joint projects await us.

Saša from Miki Dance School also wrote:

"You have made a great effort with the entire production and promotion. I look forward to further collaboration!"



DoReWe members love music very much, but sometimes we also go out to places where there is NO singing and playing... well, at least not on musical instruments. Can you guess where our team hung out after the successful musical? The first correct answer you share with us on the Facebook or Instagram page will earn you a free piano or singing lesson!



In November, we are preparing a special surprise for all DoReWe members together with our students - we will perform at the SLOVENIAN BOOK FAIR.

We were invited to participate by the publishing house MORFEM, with which the picture book THE LION INSIDE was published. Author Rachel Bright and illustrator Jim Field will be official guests at the Slovenian Book Fair, and our students will perform a mini-musical in their honor, which we prepared during the summer camps.

Please share the news and reserve Tuesday, November 21, 2023, in your calendars.


Thank you for your time, looking forward to sharing more interesting and fun stories in the next issue.

Best wishes from DoReWe!


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