Our journey began on the day when we realised how many children, very keen to play a piano, were rejected from a public music school due to lack of space. We felt that music enriched our lives and that ANYONE should be given an opportunity to learn how to play a piano. 

Soon thereafter Magnet Music was created. "Magnet" as music pulls us like a magnet and its allure is hard to refuse. 


We work according to the 5 Magnet Music principles:

1. Piano for ALL

We believe piano playing is for ANYONE. Regardless of age, talent or prior knowledge. The aim does not need to be to become a concert pianist, but merely a desire to enjoy music and learn how to play a piano.  

2. Interactive
GROUP lessons

Experience has shown, that piano learning in SMALL GROUPS of children (or adults) is productive and fun. Children motivate each other and learn faster. This way they also learn to perform in front of a group from early on and build on their confidence and performance skills. 

3. Mix with SINGING and THEORY

We also believe that piano learning is more enjoyable and often more effective if it is combined with SINGING and basic THEORY.


We feel music is a COMMON LANGUAGE to us all. Therefore we learn songs in various languages. We also welcome pupils and teachers with various maternal langauges.  


We use transportable electrical pianos, which means that we are fully flexible and MOBILE. We can come to school, nurseries, cultural centres, where ever there is an interest.