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DoReWe ekipa

Helena is our founder and sets the overall vision, takes pivotal decisions, selects employees and manages our operations. Lover of life, education, dance and music, Helena translates her passions and dreams into reality in whatever she does. A lawyer by training, Helena lived over 20 years across Europe, South America, Middle East and Australia, working as an advocate and a law lecturer. She recently returned to Slovenia with her family and a desire to do something for her native community. Helena has felt the positive impact of music on her life, her global outlook and overall happiness from an early age. This has inspired her to found DoReWe, where she now works with full steam. She spends her free time outdoors with her two daughters and husband Mladen, who are the source of her energy. That's why Helena doesn't drink coffee, but she will happily devour good chocolate.


“Treble clef” 


DoReWe Mladen


Mladen is our co-founder and takes care of our development strategy, finances and all the tricky analysis that would make other people's hair grey. A global citizen with a love for music and education, Mladen supports and advises organisations around the world. Having spent many years living and working across Europe, Middle East and Australia, he recently moved with his family to small but fairy-tale like Slovenia. Mladen grew up in a family where singing and playing instruments was part of daily life. He learned to play the piano in his native Sarajevo and during many years of schooling in London. His proudest music moment was when he performed at a school concert with his daughter at the Australian Music Schools in Sydney. Mladen is a fan of skiing, tennis and has a second dan in karate. To his friends he is known as Chief Pancake Maker.


“Bass clef” 



Kristina develops our music program, oversees our teaching staff, teaches students and is the go-to person for teachers, students and parents on all things musical. She has spent her life learning and teaching music, completing her University and Masters Degree at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana with a title Master Professor of Musical Pedagogy. She has been teaching music, piano and singing at primary and secondary schools across Slovenia. Kristina believes that encouraging a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere in the company of friends is the most suitable environment for children's education. Kristina likes to spend her free time with her family, either in nature or at the local playground. Visits to the opera, summer outdoor concerts are aconstant in her life that serve as a break from daily responsibilities. To family and friends she is known as somebody who is always on time, but anyone’s late arrivals can be paid-off by a good cup of coffee.


“Major Harmony” 


DoReWe Boris


Boris teaches piano, singing and helps to prepare summer camps musical programme. His favourite is creating various musicals together with children. He was born in Bosnia, where he completed primary and secondary music schools. In Belgrade, he obtained a degree in music pedagogy at the Faculty of Music as well as a degree in opera singing. After completing his master's degree in music pedagogy, he moved from Belgrade to Ljubljana, where he is currently undertaking a master's degree in opera singing. Boris performed as a musician in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Norway, where they performed the operas La Traviata, Otello and Faust. He taught piano and solo singing to children from 3 to 15 years of age and co-created musicals for children such as The Sound of Music and Cats. Boris is almost always optimistic and smiling. He has a passion for knowledge and education, and is known to his friends as a big fan of Harry Potter.




Nika teaches piano and, with her knowledge and love for music, inspires the youngest generations. Music is her companion throughout life. She began her musical journey as a pianist at the Kočevje Music School, successfully completing 7 years of piano education and 5 years of solo singing education. During this time, she actively participated in solo concerts and performances with the choir, joined a theater group, and performed with a group all over Slovenia, gaining valuable experiences for future collaborations in the musicals "Frozen Kingdom" and "Musical Treasure." She says that these musicals were a significant contribution to developing perseverance, patience, and a team spirit. Currently, Nika is a student of elementary education at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana. In addition to her love for children and the desire for continuous improvement in this field, in her private life, she is a person constantly drawn by the desire to discover something new. Thus, she takes the opportunity to explore new, undiscovered countries, where she enjoys getting to know foreign cultures and, in doing so, always rediscovers a part of herself.


"Ad dagio"


Ana P


DoReWe Nevena

Nevena teaches piano and singing and makes sure that children's voices develop as far as possible with the help of the right technique. She comes from Serbia, where she attended primary and secondary music school. She graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade with a bachelor's and master's degree in solo singing. She is currently undertaking a master's degree in opera singing at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. She won many awards for her singing achievements, including the Iuventus Canti award in Slovakia. She has collaborated with musicians across Europe, including the British opera director Martin Lloyd Evans. She taught adults and children at primary and secondary music schools and various workshops. Nevena spends her free time playing board games with her friends. She likes to try herself as a culinary master, which regularly impresses her fiance Boris.




DoReWe Neža

Neža teaches solo singing and helps create summer camps and music workshops for children. Already as a little girl, Neža felt that music was her life. She started playing the violin, but soon realized that singing was the path for her. At the Secondary School of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana, she chose to major in jazz singing and sang as a backing vocalist with the band Tabu already at the age of 16. She collaborated with well-known musicians such as Neisha, Rok Golob, the Society of Dead Poets and performed as a soloist at Slovenska popevka, where she received the award for best debutant with the song Čudež življenja (Miracle of Life). As part of her society Glas Srca, she has been teaching singing for many years, and her students delight the audience. In addition to music, Neža loves nature. In her spare time, she helps her husband to create eco wooden houses and discovers new dimensions of natural architecture. She lives with her family in a fairy-tale wooden house by the river, and enjoys regular walks in a nearby forrest.




Ana P.jpg

Ana teaches piano and singing, with a passion to spread the love for music among the youngest generations. She believes that through music, the world becomes more harmonious and sounds much more beautiful. Ana was born into a musical family where the zither was played, and there was a lot of singing. She began her musical journey as a pianist at the Kamnik Music School, and at the Logatec Music School, she started learning to sing. During her studies at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana, she won the 1st prize and a gold plaque at TEMSIG three times for her vocal achievements. Currently, Ana is a student of opera singing at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, where she is preparing her master's thesis. Amateurishly, Ana has been involved in theater for several years. She has performed multiple times in the Summer Theater Studenec, and in the 2022-2023 season, you can see her in the play "Penelopiada" at the Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana in the role of Alecta. Professionally, she is a pastry chef, adding an extra sweet touch to her musical journey, as well as to the journey of the DoReWe team.


“Quarter Rest” 


DoReWe Anja

Anja takes care of design, graphics and our overall appearance. She especially feels connected to our music center, as she played piano in her youth. Chopin's Waltz in A minor remains her most memorable piece. She completed her studies in graphic and interactive communications and has a growing portfolio of unique and inspiring designs. In addition to design and music, she is a lover of nature, photography and animals. In her free time, she enjoys hiking in nature and cooking.


“A mol” 


DoReWe Archie



Archie looks after the well-being of our team by keeping us active. He also reminds us when it is time to cuddle and play. He loves us best when he gets his favourite treat, roasted lamb.

DoReWe Lilly

With her elegance and fluffiness Lilly spreads good vibes and energy at DoReWe. Except when she spots a ball and she cannot help herself but chase after it.




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