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Life with music

skupinski klavirski tečaj za otroke


Music in good company

We promote holistic learning in a supportive environment with excellent mentors. We focus on piano and singing lessons at your home or your school.

zaključna predstava na počitniški delavnici

Step onto the stage


We enable students to, with the help of our mentors, prepare a musical that includes singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, acting, and stage creation

Oseba, ki se uči igrati klavir na svojem delovnem mestu.

Inspire your team


We create a special program of group music lessons and team-building tailored to your company.

glasbenik, ki igra na vašem dogodku


Amaze your guests

We provide live music at your event, and with the presence of our experienced pianist, elevate your event to a higher level.

Ljudje uživajo v petju pesmi.

Give experiences, not things


We take care of your unique gift for every occasion. A music lesson tailored to the recipient's preferences, including learning aids and a recording as a keepsake.


zadovoljen partner DoReWe glasbene šole

Rok Škrlep, presenter at "Male sive celice":

"DoReWe is a music school with a heart. From the very first moment of teaming up with them, I felt their enthusiasm and love for music. I was tempted into starting to learn piano myself. I look forward to our next project together."
Mnenje zadovoljnega starša

Maks, DoReWe student from Kamnik:

"What I like most at DoReWe is that we play in groups and have lots of performances. I really enjoyed singing and playing the piano at the same time during our last performance. I also have fun during the rehearsals." 
zadovoljna stranka

Maja, CFO and Co-Founder at Celtra:

"At Celtra, we seek ways to boost energy in the workplace creatively. By collaborating with DoReWe, we provided 12 employees with weekly piano lessons, bringing more laughter, music, and enthusiasm into our environment. We aim for music to become an even bigger part of our 'orchestra.' We believe in the power of collective teamwork at work, similar to that of a musical 'orchestra.' Thank you, DoReWe, for the added energy and spark in our spaces."
Mnenje zadovoljnega starša

Mother of a DoReWe student who received
a scholarship:

"When my daughter expressed her desire to play piano last year, I told her we would see how we were financially in September. Then we got a DoReWe scholarship and now she is finally learning to play the piano. I can't even believe this is true. A carrier pigeon flew in front of our door 14 days ago and had a damaged wing. My husband said that this was a good omen and that we should save him. So we looked after him and, in the meantime, found the owner. The owner said, God will repay you somehow… and I'm beginning to believe that good deeds are indeed repaid. In short, I really don't know how to thank DoReWe."


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