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There are no entrance exams for registering and enrolling at DoReWe. You can register via the completed registration form on our website   or via sending us the completed form to The number of places is limited and depends on the number, age and experience of those enrolled, teachers' schedules, availability of rooms, etc. If, for any reason, it was not possible to secure a place, the registered person or his/her guardian will be notified in writing, he/she will be placed on the waiting list. Upon request, the registration fee will also be refunded. 



The registration fee is paid upon registration. The registration fee is non-refundable, except in case of promotions that refer to the refund of the registration fee. The registration fee is also refundable in the event that we cannot secure a place for an enrolled student and we do not put him/her on the waiting list at his request. 



At the beginning of each month, DoReWe issues an invoice for the previous month's lessons. Tuition must be paid by the due date indicated on the invoice. The tuition fee includes monthly lessons, but not any additional materials (such as piano rental, sheet music, T-shirts for final performance, photos or videos of the concerts, etc.). The monthly tuition is always the same as the annual tuition is calculated and divided into 10    equal monthly instalments (even though the actual number of monthly lessons may vary due to holidays or vacations). Tuition is non-refundable under any circumstances, regardless of any absences from classes. 

The amount of the monthly tuition fee is lower than the individually purchased hourly lessons, as it is based on enrolment in the year-long program. The monthly tuition fee does not change, regardless of any  student absences from classes. All questions regarding tuition and bills should be addressed to


If a new student joins the group of students during the school year, the price of the monthly tuition for all students in the class will be reduced in accordance with the valid price list at the given location.


If the number of students in the group decreases during the school year for any reason, the price of the monthly tuition for the remaining students will be increased in accordance with the valid price list at the given location.



In case of a missing or delayed payment, a written explanation is required and should be sent to   If tuition is unpaid for three consecutive months, the student will be prevented from attending classes until the obligations are settled. DoReWe reserves the right to charge interest for late payments. 



Lessons are held in primary schools, secondary schools and other educational and similar institutions where interest is shown. Students are taught on portable electric keyboards, which are suitable for a certain age group or a certain level of experience. Any written, verbal or pictorial reference to a piano shall be understood as a reference to portable electric keyboards. 

Piano lessons take place in small groups, which are organized according to the age and experience of the participants in a specific location (eg elementary school, high school). As far as possible, singing and the associated music theory are added to piano lessons. 

Piano lessons take place in 60-minute time slots once a week or by appointment. Classes take place from September    to June, namely in three main quarters - September to December, January to March, April to June. 



The monthly tuition fee is based on enrolment in the year-long program, so no refunds will be made for any absences from lessons. In case of immediately reported absences, in any event no later than 24 hours before the time of the lesson, and upon presentation of a medical certificate or other valid reason of absence confirmed by the school in writing (e.g. school trip), the missed lesson is replaced as far as is reasonably possible. Absence is reported to the mentor and to


Provided the two conditions are met, the absent student is offered to make up the missed lesson in another suitable age or ability group at the same or another location, within 30 days of the absence, after prior agreement with the tutor.


In the event of prolonged absence from classes due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness, relocation), DoReWe undertakes to find an appropriate solution together with the student or his/her guardian, but only in cases where DoReWe was immediately and timely informed of the unforeseen circumstances and absence. 




DoReWe d.o.o. reserves the right to replace the teacher without prior notice with the aim of ensuring the delivery of lessons (e.g. in case of illness or absence of one of the teachers) or with the aim of ensuring quality delivery of lessons (e.g. additional motivation of pupils) or   other similar   reason.




It is possible to withdraw from piano lessons before the end of a given school year, but only after three months from the start of the lessons (e.g. if the lessons started on October 1, the withdrawal is effective after December 31). The withdrawal must be communicated at least 30 days before the desired termination date, in writing to the email address  Withdrawal  during the school  year is charged  at 50 eur (plus VAT). 



DoReWe d.o.o. issues private certificates of the DoReWe music center to students at the end of the school year. If students would like to take exams to obtain publicly valid certificates, they should inform their mentor or music lead at the beginning of the school year (September and no later than October) and we will endeavour to find a reasonable solution. 




Teaching in schools and other educational institutions takes place according to the school calendar for the current school year (with the beginning of classes in September). Lessons are not held during school and public holidays. Nevertheless, the monthly tuition for individual months remains unchanged (as explained under point 3.above). 




By registering at our music center or subscribing to our newsletter, you allow us to send you invitations of upcoming performances, news in the music center and provide you with any other important information. 




The administrator of the website  protects and processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) and the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (GDPR Regulation). You can read more about personal data protection here




DoReWe is not responsible for students before or after class. Parents of children under the age of 8 are obliged to bring their children to the lesson and pick them up after the lesson. Parents, legal guardians, minors, students and adults waive any claims for compensation in the event of any injuries incurred during the regular course of lessons. DoReWe is also not responsible for any theft or damage of items before, during or after the lesson. 


By registering for one of the programs at DoReWe d.o.o. you confirm that you are familiar with all the registration conditions and general terms and conditions, which are published on our website



DoReWe reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions and the price list, which are published on the website. 


 Splošni pogoji in navodila so del prijavnice, pogodbe, ki jo v okviru poletnih delavnic sklepata Kulturno društvo Naš oder v sodelovanju z izvajalcem glasbenim centrom DoReWe d.o.o., Mestni trg 10, 1000 Ljubljana, in starši oziroma skrbniki otrok prijavljenih na poletne delavnice. 



Ob izpolnjeni prijavnici na poletne delavnice se starši oz. skrbniki strinjajo z naslednjimi pogoji in pravili:

  • Izjavljam, da otrok nima bolezni, ki bi ogrožala njegovo življenje ali življenje drugih udeležencev, in nima bolezni, ki bi se zaradi aktivnosti na delavnicah lahko poslabšala;

  •  O morebitnih zdravstvenih posebnostih otroka (alergije, dietna prehrana…) bom predčasno pisno obvestil vodstvo;

  • Potrjujem, da se otrok lahko udeleži tudi ostalih aktivnosti v okviru poletnih delavnic (športne aktivnosti na prostem med odmori, družabne igre, sprehod v gozd in podobno);

  •  Za vse vrednostne predmete, ki jih bo otrok prinesel s seboj, odgovarja otrok sam;

  •  Starši oz. skrbniki so dolžni priskrbeti vse potrebne dokumente za varen in zakonit odhod otroka na poletne delavnice.

  •  Otrok mora imeti s seboj veljaven osebni dokument, zdravstveno kartico in urejeno zdravstveno zavarovanje;

  •  Organizator ne nosi odgovornosti za poškodbe in bolezni otrok v času trajanja poletnih delavnic;

  • Organizator je dolžan poskrbeti za nujno medicinsko pomoč v primeru bolezni ali poškodb.

  •  Strinjam se, da lahko organizator za potrebe nujnega prevoza otroka prevaža v lastni izvedbi.

  •  V primeru, da otrok resno in kontinuirano krši pravila in hišni red, se do ostalih udeležencev delavnic vede agresivno ter ogroža njihovo zdravje, lahko organizator odloči, da mora otrok delavnice zapustiti. Vsi stroški povezani s tem se zaračunajo staršem, vplačana sredstva pa se ne povrnejo;

  •  Organizator bo starše obvestil o morebitnih vedenjskih posebnostih;

  •  Obiski staršev v času poletnih delavnic so dovoljeni, vendar jih zaradi nemotenega dela odsvetujemo. Vsak obisk je potrebno predhodno najaviti operativni vodji na email ali na telefonsko številko 051-223-221.

  •  Organizator bo po zaključku poletnih delavnic staršem po elektronski pošti ali wetransferju poslal fotografije in videoposnetke.



 Cena poletnih delavnic za prijave do 15. 5. znaša 250 €. Po tem datumu znaša cena poletnih delavnic 290 €. Za obstoječe učence glasbenega centra DoReWe velja promocijska cena 250 € skozi celotno obdobje prijav.

Poletne delavnice vključujejo:

  • dopoldanske in popoldanske aktivnosti po programu od 9h do 15h z vključenimi rekviziti, na katerih se bodo vaši otroci osebnostno in ustvarjalno izobraževali in izpopolnjevali

  • Glasbeno plesni program pouka.

  •  Strokovno vodenje naših mentorjev klavirja, petja in tolkal ter podpora vašemu otroku

  •  Animacije in igre

  •  Vsak dan 1 topli obrok (kosilo)

  •  Nastop ob zaključku v obliki mini-muzikala

  •  Fotografije v digitalni obliki (po zaključku delavnice pošljemo po elektronski pošti)

  •  Kratek filmček v katerem so zajete različne delavnice (ob koncu poletja pošljemo po elektronski pošti) 



Po prejemu elektronske prijave bomo na navedeni elektronski naslov poslali račun za plačilo rezervacije. Teden dni pred pričetkom glasbenih delavnic bodo starši prejeli račun za preostali del delavnic. Pred pričetkom poletnih delavnic je potrebno poravnati vse obveznosti do izvajalca.



Prevoz na poletne delavnice znaša 4 eur na dan v eno smer (Ljubljana-Mekinje ali Kranj-Mekinje) oziroma 8 eur na dan za prevoz v obe smeri (Ljubljana-Mekinje-Ljubljana ali Kranj-Mekinje-Kranj). Tedensko to pomeni 40 eur doplačila za prevoz.




Odpoved udeležbe otroka na poletnih delavnicah, mora biti podana v pisni obliki na

Za odjavo do 1. 6. 2023 vam bomo zaračunali strošek odpovedi v vrednosti 30 % cene poletnih delavnic.

Za odjavo od 1. 6. 2023 do 1. 7. 2023 vam bomo zaračunali strošek odpovedi v vrednosti 50 % cene poletnih delavnic. Po 1. 7. 2023 odjave niso več mogoče, strošek odpovedi pa znaša od 80-100% cene.

V primeru, da otrok zboli na glasbeni delavnici, vam ob predložitvi zdravniškega potrdila vrnemo sorazmerni del cene v obliki vrednostnega bona za učenje klavirja ali petja.


Minimalno število prijavljenih otrok za organizacijo poletnih delavnic je 15 otrok. V kolikor bo prijav manj, se organizator zaveže k vračilu celotne plačane kupnine.




Vsaka stranka ima pravico do reklamacije zaradi neustrezne storitve. Rok za oddajo reklamacije je 8 dni po zaključku poletnih delavnic in sicer v pisni obliki na Po zaključenem obdobju 8 dni reklamacije niso več mogoče.

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