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Step onto the stage

Parents, we invite you to give your children these holidays an
unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

Treat them to a week at our music-theatre workshops or camps, where under the guidance of professional mentors, they will prepare a mini-musical and perform it on stage at the end of the week.

otroci v naravi DoReWe počitniške delavnice


Unforgettable experience of a lifetime

At DoReWe workshops, children and teens gain musical and theatrical skills, creating an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. They gain confidence, develop creativity, and foster teamwork, skills that will be useful regardless of the career path they choose. They can also acquire English language skills, enjoy the diversity of participants, and forge friendships that last long after the camps end. CREATIVITY: In a safe environment, children quickly gain confidence and embark on a journey of creation and creativity. Some children are just getting to know instruments, others expand their existing repertoire of songs and compositions, while others overcome inhibitions and venture into improvisation for the first time. We believe that improvisation and the opportunity to make mistakes are essential and that children learn a lot from them. We strive to create an inspiring environment tailored to children's abilities and interests. COURAGE: The first thing children learn is to overcome fear. On Monday mornings before the workshops begin, everyone feels a little nervous, especially those who don't know anyone yet. Therefore, we first ensure a safe environment where children feel accepted just as they are. Similarly, most children confront their own inhibitions and fears of performing on stage during the week... and with the help of mentors, most children successfully overcome these inhibitions through various activities. TEAM SPIRIT: In five days, children come to realize that collaboration brings an entirely new level of progress and that without teamwork, they could not create a wonderful final performance. It is beautiful to see children spontaneously rehearsing their roles together and encouraging each other. FRIENDSHIPS: Thanks to children's openness and playfulness, beautiful friendships often develop throughout the week. Some last long after the workshops are over. DIVERSITY: We encourage diversity... younger, older, Slovenian, foreigners, people of colour, boys, girls, sometimes children with special needs. Everyone presents themselves in their own way... A healthy attitude towards life and respect for those different from oneself. EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS: After five days of creating, children gain wings and often surprise themselves. Thus, the final performance on Friday afternoon is full of joy and pride not only for the parents but also for the children themselves when they see what they are truly capable of! CONFIDENCE: During the workshops, most children greatly boost their confidence. Confidence to try something new, to form new friendships, to play with instruments, or confidence in public performance. These are skills that children will need in most careers that await them in life. ENGLISH LANGUAGE: Workshops are conducted in Slovenian or English. English-speaking sessions are open to both children of foreigners living in Slovenia and Slovenian children who would like to practice and improve their English language skills practically. MUSICAL SKILLS: Musical workshops improve musical skills through vocal exercises, instrument practice, and exposure to various musical genres. THEATRICAL SKILLS: At the same time, these workshops promote theatrical skills by nurturing creativity, stage presence, and collaboration, enabling participants to express themselves confidently and artistically on stage.

otroci na delavnici klavirja DoReWe počitniške delavnice


Daily workshops or overnight stay

The camps run from Monday to Friday, offering: A. DAILY WORKSHOPS for the youngest (6 to 11 years old) or B. DAILY WORKSHOPS WITH OVERNIGHT STAY (CAMPS) for older children (12 to 16 years old) Daily workshops run from - MON, TUE, WED, THU = 9:00 - 15:00 - FRI = 9:00 - 17:00 + final performance for parents at 17:00 - option of additional MORNING CARE (7:00 - 9:00) or AFTERNOON CARE (15:00 - 17:00) Workshops with overnight stay for teenagers run slightly differently: - handover of teenagers: MON morning 8:00 – 8:30 - final performance for all parents: FRI afternoon 17:00 The workshops comprise of: 1. SINGING in choir or solo 2. ACTING and STORYTELLING on stage 3. various DANCE choreographies 4. playing the PIANO 5. learning rhythms on PERCUSSION 6. ARTISTIC workshop to create stage scenery Each day is divided into several parts. In the morning, there are workshops, which take place in larger or smaller groups. After a DELICIOUS LUNCH, freshly cooked on the day of the workshops, children relax with SOCIAL GAMES indoors or outdoors in the courtyard. In the afternoon, there is an ADDITIONAL WORKSHOP, depending on the individual roles of the participants (for example, some soloists have additional singing lessons, dancers have dance lessons, etc.). The days are filled with various activities, and children will return home full of positive excitement, sometimes very tired. In between, we ensure REST, mainly so that children can also relax in the beautiful NATURE, away from screens and computers, surrounded by CURIOUS and CREATIVE PEERS.

otroci v kostumih DoReWe počitniške delavnice


July & August, English & Slovenian

The dates for summer 2024 are as follows: 1) 1st - 5th July 2024 - daily workshops, children aged 6-11, English language session 2) 8th - 12th July 2024 - daily workshops with overnight stay (camps), teens aged 12-16, English language session 3) 15th - 19th July 2024 - daily workshops, children aged 6-11, Slovenian language session 4) 19th August - 23rd August 2024 - daily workshops, children 6-11 years old, AND daily workshops with overnight stay (camps), 12-16 years old, English language session 5) 26th - 30th August 2024 - daily workshops, children 6-11 years old, AND daily workshops with overnight stay (camps), 12-16 years old, Slovenian language session ALL children and young people are INVITED to the workshops! From complete beginners to more experienced musicians and dancers. Roles in the final performance will be adjusted to individual levels. Summer music-theatre workshops (daily or residential camps) are held in 5 different periods. The sessions will be conducted in one of the following two languages: - in ENGLISH (suitable for all foreigners or those wishing to improve their English language skills) - in SLOVENIAN (suitable for all Slovenian-speaking participants).

samostan Mekinje DoReWe počitniške delavnice


Picturesque Mekinje Monastery

The summer music-theatre workshops take place at the picturesque Mekinje Monastery, surrounded by beautiful nature in the vicinity of Kamnik. The monastery also offers the OPTION OF ACCOMMODATION with FULL OR PARTIAL BOARD. This means that teenagers attending the workshops as camps will also stay overnight at the same location and receive all three meals. For all younger children (aged 6-11) attending daily workshops, TRANSPORTATION from Ljubljana or another nearby location is organized provided there are sufficient registrations. You can find more information about the location, accommodation capacities, etc., here:


Step onto the stage

The highlight of the summer music-theatre workshops is the final performance. On Friday afternoon, participants showcase to their parents, families, and friends what they have created throughout the week. For this purpose, we also paint the participants' faces, style their hair, and dress them in costumes. In case of good weather, the performance takes place outside on the stage, while in case of bad weather, we use the large indoor hall of the Mekinje Monastery. After the performance, there is an AWARD CEREMONY and a RECEPTION for all participants and their families, which sometimes turns into an evening of socializing until late into the night.

otrici na odru DoReWe počitniške delavnice
strokovni in energični mentorji DoReWe počitniške delavnice

Priceless experience, affordable price


The summer music-theatre workshops are organized with a high level of professionalism: - They are conducted by ACADEMIC MUSICIANS who lead workshops in choral singing, solo singing, keyboards, and percussion. - THEATRE PROFESSIONALS, who have specialized in musicals abroad, also participate. - Various ANIMATORS and DANCERS provide various additional activities. - Everything is provided for: MEALS, breakfast, lunch, and for those staying overnight, dinner. - One of the workshops is also a PAINTING WORKSHOP for making scenery, which includes all painting materials and protective aprons. - For the final performance, we provide SOUND SYSTEM, FACE PAINTING, and COSTUMES. - Insurance is provided for in case of unintentional complications or accidents. Comprehensive music-theatre workshops like these were previously only available in major European cities such as London. We are delighted and proud that, with the collaboration of the DO RE WE music center and the cultural association NAŠ ODER, we have managed to organize workshops in Slovenia as well. This way, our children and young people can receive invaluable experiences on home ground. DAILY WORKSHOPS – children aged 6 to 11 - REGULAR PRICE €380 - PROMOTIONAL PRICE FOR DOREWE STUDENTS €350 WORKSHOPS WITH OVERNIGHT STAY and FULL BOARD (CAMPS) – teenagers aged 12 to 16 - REGULAR PRICE €580 - PROMOTIONAL PRICE FOR DOREWE STUDENTS €550 DISCOUNT: Family discount for the second child: 10% RESERVATION: Reservation fee is €50. The remaining amount is to be paid before the start of the workshops. TRANSPORTATION: In case of sufficient interest, daily transportation from Ljubljana or other nearby locations will be organized for an additional fee (approximately €10 per day).



Lidija, mother of a musical participant

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. Oscar is absolutely thrilled with how much fun he had - singing, creating, socializing, the kindness, professionalism 🙏🥰, he's completely thrilled. He loves to dance and sing even now, in front of friends, colleagues, everything he learned... I'm also completely thrilled with how you managed to create, make, and train such a wonderful musical in just 5 days, incredible! And how confidently the children performed, you could really see how much they enjoyed it, and we were "melting" with enthusiasm as we watched our little ones. You have truly envisioned the whole thing phenomenally, for which I applaud you and salute such workshops, well done. This was something that was missing in Slovenia! Oscar even praised the food, how well you ate.
Thank you 🙏, greetings and hugs to all"

Urša, mother of a musical participant

"Ivana thoroughly enjoyed the DoReWe summer workshops, which were excellently organized. After just five days of rehearsals, they put on an outstanding performance, in which the children truly excelled and, above all, had a great time. They gained a lot of new knowledge and skills in various areas and formed new friendships. All the effort was ultimately rewarded with thunderous applause."

Natalija, mother of a musical participant

"Enthusiastic and grateful! Sincere praise for the wonderfully executed holiday week. Your dedication, effort, and ability to inspire children for art and teach them so much in such a short time is truly exceptional. In just one week, the children mastered the script, prepared animations, performed with passion, and delivered an unforgettable final concert. The children appeared extremely happy and satisfied, and they performed their acts with great joy and confidence. It's also worth mentioning the wonderful costumes. The entire visual impression was truly stunning.
Your commitment to children and their development is evident, as they not only had fun this week but also gained invaluable skills. They learned important lessons about collaboration, self-confidence, expression, and teamwork. These are experiences they will carry with them throughout their lives and will benefit from in the future.
I sincerely thank you for the unforgettable experience you provided for the children. Their week at your holiday camp will undoubtedly remain in their hearts and memories for a long time. Thank you for all the love, energy, and effort you put into this exceptional program."

Anastasija, mother of a musical participant

"My daughter was thrilled with her one-week stay with the team of professionals. Interesting and exciting activities, games, learning to play the piano, delicious snacks and lunches. We were all thrilled with the final concert - the script, costumes, accompaniment, organization - everything is top-notch! Bravo to the entire DoReWe team! 👍
P.S. Only one criticism - my daughter would like to be in such a team not for 5 days, but at least 20 😀"

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