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  • How is DoReWe different from teaching piano in public music schools?
    At DoReWe we have no enrolment limit and welcome anyone who would like to play the piano regardless of their musical talent, prior knowledge or age. We take a practical approach to teaching, which means that students learn music theory together with the instrument and apply the acquired theoretical knowledge directly in practice. As much as possible, we also incorporate singing with learning piano.
  • In which locations does DoReWe teach?
    Wherever there is interest! At DoReWe, we use portable electric pianos, which allows us great mobility. We offer lessons at primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, your place of work, etc. We are also always adding new locations. Register your interest and we will endevaour to come to your area soon.
  • Is it necessary to play the piano at home?
    Definitely. As they say, practice makes perfect! We recommend playing the piano at home for at least 15 minutes every day. For this purpose, younger students receive a special notebook for motivation.
  • How does DoReWe differ from other private music schools?
    At DoReWe we only focus on teaching piano together with singing and theory and we do not offer teaching of other instruments. We teach piano in small groups, where students motivate and encourage each other. Group teaching is also more affordable.
  • Do the children get official diplomas at the end of the year, like in public music schools?
    At the end of the school year DoReWe issues certificates to all students who complete the year. If students would like to take exams to obtain national or international certificates, they should discuss with their teacher and together we will find an appropriate solution.
  • What if we don't have a piano at home?
    At DoReWe, we offer students who do not (yet) have a piano at home the possibility to rent a keyboard for 15 euros per month, which they can also purchase at the end of the school year.
  • What if the child shows exceptional progress in the group or would like more?
    For children who are at a more advanced level in their piano playing (or those who have a strong desire to progress faster) we look to support them and find the most suitable solution at DoReWe. For example, we move them to an older / more advanced group, provide additional lessons including one-on-one tuition, etc.
  • Will the child have the opportunity to perform?
    Certainly. During the school year, students perform regularly in front of their group, with several performances for family members and friends, as well as larger performances including the Christmas-New Year's show in December and the End-of-Year show in June.
  • What if the child is afraid of performing?
    Each child is a story for him/herself and performance is not compulsory. In our experience, it is often the case that students who are shy at first, gain the most in their confidence through opportunities to perform, as longs as we let them do so in their own time.
  • How can I register at DoReWe?
    You can register by filling out the registration form that can be found at or by sending a completed registration form by e-mail to


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