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DoReWe Diary #18


April 2024

Dear DoReWe members and music enthusiasts,

Welcome to the eighteenth edition of our DoReWe Diary. We hope you will enjoy reading it. We envite you to continue writing to us and to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

In this edition we are excited to share the following stories with you:

DO RE WE  NEWS: Spring concert DoReWe Family Day/ Musical workshop Magical forest

FANTASTIC TIP: Creating music with the family

SONATA FROM THE STREET: Testimonial from DoReWe Family Day

LALA QUIZ: Music group of five brothers

TINY TREASURES: Free event "Nariši nasmeh" (Draw a smile)



Spring concert DoReWe Family Day


Last month, a very special event took place in the concert hall of the Kamnik Cultural Center, the DoReWe Family Day. The event brought together students, their parents, relatives, friends, and mentors for an unforgettable evening of music and socializing.

To open the concert, our mentors Boris and Nevena captivated everyone present with a duet from Disney's animated film Aladdin, "A Whole New World." Following this, 27 different performances took to the stage, taking us through a wide range of musical genres and renditions, from pop to classical, and even songs from well-known musicals. The performers were as diverse as the program itself – from the youngest, barely four-year-old enthusiasts, to experienced musicians and even parents who, after many years, picked up their instruments again to perform with their children. In addition to piano and singing, this time we also heard the saxophone, which harmonized beautifully with the guitar, creating a wonderful atmosphere in the hall. For the finale, we heard the song "You Raise Me Up," which has now become closely associated with Family Day.


The special charm of the concert was its family spirit, as DoReWe students performed on stage with their parents, brothers, aunts and friends. The event was a wonderful opportunity for family bonding and creating memories that will last for a long time. These performances are one of the main purposes of our now traditional DoReWe Family Day.

After the program concluded, a pleasant gathering and refreshments followed, where we exchanged impressions, shared some laughs, and bonded even more as a community.


Kudos for organizing and executing the concert go to all performers as well as the DoReWe team, especially to Nevena and Boris. The DoReWe Family Day undoubtedly left a positive mark in the hearts of all attendees and we look forward to the next family day.

Musical workshop Magical forest

Last month, the Supernova Šiška shopping center hosted a very special event that took children and their families into a magical world of creativity and music. The DoReWe team, together with the children, conducted a creative workshop that brought true joy and happiness.

The workshop was divided into three different segments, each including various creative challenges. In the first segment, the children, guided by mentors, explored the creation of a spring song. With the help of questions, they completed the song's lyrics and together with our mentors, created a beautiful spring song reflecting the joy and anticipation of the new season. Next, they moved on to the second segment, where they made mini musical instruments. Excitedly, they filled cardboard tubes with beans, rice, chickpeas, and other small materials, decorating them according to their imaginations. Thus, they created their unique rattles, ready for musical exploration. The third segment was dedicated to making headbands, which brightened up the children's hairstyles and added a final touch to their creativity.

At the end, a performance followed in which all the children participated. The theme of the performance was designed so that the children, together with Spring, portrayed by mentor Nika, solved three riddles and overcame Winter, represented by mentor Nevena. In this adventure, they were also helped by the Sun, played by mentor Sara. Mentor Boris was responsible for guiding the children, leading the project, teaching new songs, and bringing all the elements together harmoniously. His musical-piano accompaniment added a special charm to the event. After making the instruments, a true musical performance ensued. The children proudly used their mini instruments and sang the songs they learned during the workshop. Together, they successfully chased away winter and welcomed spring into our hearts.

The workshop lasted two hours and filled Supernova with laughter, singing, creativity, and a delightful musical experience. The children went home full of inspiration and joy brought by the adventure in the magical forest of Supernova Šiška.



#18 Creating music with the family

Creating music together fosters a sense of connection, positively influencing family dynamics and atmosphere. Research shows that during group singing or playing instruments, endorphins, the happiness hormones, are released. This can help reduce stress and enhance the well-being of all family members. Music also serves as a powerful emotional stimulant, contributing to the creation of positive memories and strengthening family bonds for a lifetime.

Creating music within the family provides an opportunity for learning and developing new skills, as well as fostering creativity and collaboration. Children can learn perseverance, discipline, and teamwork skills, while adults can relax and rediscover the joy of making music. In addition to being a fun activity, creating music together is also an excellent way to boost confidence and self-esteem across all generations.

The mother of one of our students described their musical creation as follows:


"When we enrolled our daughter in piano lessons in September, we thought we would have one student. But now, all three of us are learning piano. When our daughter returns from her piano lesson, she explains to my husband and me what they learned, and then we all happily practice together." 🎹😃

Take time for creating music together, as it can strengthen family bonds, create a pleasant atmosphere at home, and ensure the well-being of all family members. Whether it's singing, playing instruments, or simply listening to music together, it can become an invaluable part of your family traditions and memories.



Jaka, a family member of one of our students, described DoReWe Family Day as follows:


"Generally, I don't enjoy attending music performances where only children perform, and proud parents, who are only excited about their own child's performance, applaud enthusiastically (and out of a sense of duty). However, Friday's concert on April 12, 2024, the DoReWe Family Day, was different because, in addition to the children attending the music school, mentors and parents also performed. The organization of the acts was varied, with singing, musicals, and piano, so that the individual acts playfully followed one another, keeping the audience's attention.


The best part was that families were put in the spotlight. A father and son singing La Luna, an aunt on the saxophone singing Zemlja pleše with her niece, a mother singing Stand By Me while her son accompanied her on the piano... It was a completely different energy compared to similar events. The performers were more relaxed, there was a sense of connection between them (especially in the joint acts), and the audience could easily imagine how they practiced at home and eagerly prepared for the concert (together with dads, moms, aunts, and uncles). Kudos to the DoReWe team for organizing this charming event, and congratulations to all the performers who brightened our end of the week!"



What music group is known after being made up of brothers, including the iconic Michale Jackson?


a) The Beatles

b) The Beach Boys

c) The Jackson 5


This American pop group, composed of members of the Jackson family, was formed in 1964. The original lineup included brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Michael.





In May, the DoReWe team and students will participate in a fun event for families and children. On Saturday, May 18th, the event "Draw a Smile" will take place on the big stage in front of MiniCity, hosted by MiniCity.


The event will be free and will include a number of workshops and performances. The DoReWe team will perform on the main stage (as the opening act of Čuki) at 14.00. The children will play the piano, sing songs and present an excerpt from the musical "The Lion Inside".


We warmly invite all those who want to learn more about our programs and are not yet part of the DoReWe community, as well as those who are thinking about enrolling their child in musicals and holiday workshops.


You won't regret it!


Thank you for your time. We look forward to sharing more interesting and fun stories in the next issue.

Greetings from DoReWe!


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