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DoReWe Diary #19


May 2024

Dear DoReWe members and music enthusiasts,


Welcome to the nineteenth edition of our DoReWe Diary. We hope you will enjoy reading it. We envite you to continue writing to us and to follow us on  Facebook in Instagram.

In this edition we are excited to share the following stories with you:

DO RE WE NEWS: Draw A Smile with Minicity/ Charitable event at Preserje pri Radomljah Primary School/ Concert Music Connects

FANTASTIC TIP: Motivation for extra practice

SONATA FROM THE STREET: Testimonial of one of our students

LALA QUIZ: Connecting with music

TINY TREASURES: Holiday workshops and camps



Draw A Smile with Minicity

On Saturday, May 18th, Minicity organized a free event called "Draw a Smile" in collaboration with various companies, including the music center DoReWe. As the opening act of the popular band Čuki, our students heartily and charmingly represented DoReWe, captivating the audience with their performances and a segment from the mini musical "The Lion Inside."


First up on the piano, as solo acts, were Yuanming Mao from China and Mark Mlakar from Radomlje, followed by a solo vocal performance by Marta Tošić from Kamnik, who enchanted us with the song "Beautiful Life." For the grand finale of the DoReWe act, we performed two songs from the musical, "Celebrate" and "You Are My Friend," accompanied by group singing and dancing. These were brought to life by Frane, Ana, Lia, Marta, Mila, and Amina in beautiful costumes, enhanced by face paintings. It was

truly a celebration!


Charitable event at Primary School Preserje pri Radomljah

On the same day, May 18th, a charitable event known as "Sports Saturday" took place at Primary School Preserje pri Radomljah, marking its 18th consecutive year of bringing together students and parents from across the school. DoReWe music center participated at the event for the second year. Students had the opportunity to meet some of our mentors, try their hand at the piano, and get acquainted with our teaching methods and programs. The event was also enlivened by our mascot, Piano Pino (Klavirko), who was a real attraction for the children.

Concert Music Connects

On May 31st, the "Music Connects" concert took place at the Radomlje Cultural Center, organized by Primary School Preserje pri Radomljah in collaboration with the local community of Radomlje. The purpose and idea of the concert were to bring together students from different music schools and offer something new to the local community. At DoReWe, we strongly believe in and advocate for the power of music and connecting music enthusiasts, so we were delighted to contribute in creating a wonderful musical evening. Our students, Mark Mlakar, Nace Jenc and Marta Tošić, delivered outstanding performances that captivated the audience. 

Sincere thanks to all the performers and their mentors. Also huge congratulations to the principal Jasna Korbar and the music teachers at the Primary School Preserje pri Radomljah for the excellent organisation and execution of the concert.



#19 Motivation for extra practice

Recently, we have noticed a decline in children's motivation to practice. Parents can play a crucial role in encouraging their children to practice more. One of the most effective ways is to get involved in their musical journey. Show interest in their progress, listen to their ideas, attend their performances, and don't forget to praise their efforts.

Practice can become an enjoyable activity, if it's integrated into daily life. For example, you can organize mini family concerts or play various musical games together. Establishing a routine is crucial, so create a regular practice schedule with your child that fits into their daily routine but it's still not overwhelming. Ensure that practice sessions are short and frequent, as this can be much more effective than long and infrequent sessions.

As a final piece of advice, we suggest enrolling your child in various musical workshops and camps, such as our DoReWe Holiday Camp. Here, your child will have the opportunity to play and expand their existing repertoire of songs and pieces, engage in musical and theatrical improvisation, and create with peers and friends, all while having an incredible amount of fun.



Student Ajda, one of our diligent and aspiring piano students, said:

" I started learning piano in October last year. I think I have made quite some progress since then under the guidance of my mentor. None of this would have been possible if my mentor were not such a great teacher and an amazing person. I feel relaxed during the lessons, and the atmosphere is always pleasant. Since DoReWe opened the new office in the center of Kamnik, everything has just reached an even higher level."



Music can be an entertaining common interest that brings people together. How do you prefer to connect with music?

A) Attending concerts

B) Listening to music and singing in the car

C) Mini performances at home

D) Karaoke

If you know of any other interesting ways to connect with music, write to us and share them with us.



Parents, we invite you to give your children this summer holiday an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

Last year’s summer hit returns in July, our musical workshops and camps. In this wonderful experience, the children, under the guidance of professional mentors, will prepare a real mini musical and perform it on stage at the end of the week.

Read more at:


Thank you for your time. We look forward to sharing more interesting and fun stories in the next issue.

Greetings from DoReWe!


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