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DoReWe Diary # 10


August 2023

Dear DoReWe members,

Welcome to the tenth edition of our DoReWe Diary. We hope you enjoy reading it and participate by writing to us or simply having fun at home playing the piano or singing. You can also find some videos and updates on our social media. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

In the tenth edition of the DoReWe Diary, you will find the following exciting stories:

DO RE WE NEWS: Review of our first year in operation / Enrolment for the school year 2023-2024

FANTASTIC TIP: Why and when to enroll a child in music school?

SONATA FROM THE STREET: A mother's opinion of an enrolled student

LA LA QUIZ: Bohemian Rhapsody

TINY TREASURES: Share the enrollment brochure!



Review of the first year of DoReWe operation

IDEA: The idea of establishing a music center arose in May 2022 when we saw how limited the number of slots was in public music schools, especially for learning the piano. However, there was tremendous interest in learning the piano. With the founding of DoReWe in Kamnik and Ljubljana and the surrounding areas, we contributed to a much larger number of people being in touch with music.

FIRST PRIMARY SCHOOL: Our first teaching sessions began at the OŠ Stranje (which most of you heard about this year after its students won the quiz Little Grey Cells). We found a receptive ear in the headmaster Boris Jemec, and that's how our collaboration started. "WE COME TO YOU": As good news usually travels far, we received more and more inquiries, and the number of schools where we taught quickly increased in the following months. We expanded teaching first to schools in Kamnik, later to those in Radomlje, and then to Ljubljana's primary schools. By the end of the first school year, we were teaching at 12 different locations.

For teaching, we use portable keyboards, allowing us to "come to you." This enabled us to offer individual teaching sessions at home, easing parents' afternoon logistics, as they didn't have to drive their children to music lessons.

COMPANIES: We organized the first team-building sessions and regular lessons in one of Slovenia's innovative companies, and the response was surprisingly positive. We are particularly proud of this aspect of our program as it is a novelty in the Slovenian market. In the team-building sessions we organize at DoReWe, employees learn new things in a team spirit, some stepping out of their comfort zones, while others support them. In the end, they achieve mostly unexpected results, and after the team-building, they are richer for a new experience, more connected with the team, and ready for team challenges in the company. ENGLISH LANGUAGE: We also offer teaching programs in English for Slovenian or foreign students. We conduct the English program at the British International School in Ljubljana, as well as individually at home.

FROM 4 TO 87 YEARS OLD: Since we want to bring music closer and make it accessible to as many people as possible, our programs are not age-restricted. In the school year 2022/2023, the youngest student was only 4 years old, and the oldest was a venerable 87 years old.

FROM CLASSICAL TO POP PROGRAM: In the school year 2022/2023, more than 60 children of various nationalities and backgrounds attended regular piano and singing lessons—at home and in primary schools—on 12 different locations. We taught various genres, from classical to pop.

CAMPS AND MINI MUSICALS: During the summer holidays, we ran musical-theater workshops in Slovenian and English for elementary school children. In just five days, the children practically prepared a mini-musical called "Lion in the Heart" from scratch. They created the stage scenery themselves, learned songs, dance choreography, and dramatic acting. The participants' response was phenomenal, so we will definitely repeat the workshops.

PERFORMANCES, EVENTS AND COLLABORATIONS: We also organized numerous events and concerts that attracted the attention of the broader community. This created an opportunity for our students and other musicians to showcase their acquired knowledge and gain valuable experience in stage performance. Our music center has become an active member of the local music community. We collaborate with other artists, schools, and organizations such as Ballet School Ana, Singing School Heart Sound, Cultural Society Our Stage. Collaboration allows us to create a rich and diverse musical environment in the Kamnik and Ljubljana areas and surroundings.

WONDERFUL MENTORS AND TEAM SPIRIT: We are delighted that we have had a successful school year and are extremely proud of the achievements of our students, who presented them at the concert in the beautiful Zaprice Castle at the end of the year. Special thanks go to our mentors—Boris, Nevena, Nadja, David, Špela, Ana P., and Ana J.—who contributed to the successful completion of the musical school year with their knowledge and dedication. It is also worth mentioning their assistants—Nika, Kaja, Lea, Lara. Without their help and energy, it wouldn't have been possible. Special thanks also go to our music director Kristina and our office manager Katarina—without you, we wouldn't be where we are.

Thanks to all members for their good work and wonderful team spirit.

We are happy and proud at the end of our first year of operation. The cake and celebration are certainly well-deserved!

We are ready and looking forward to leading you into the new school year together!

Enrollment for the School Year 2023-2024

As summer comes to a close, it's worth mentioning that enrollment for the school year 2023/2024 is already underway. You can express your interest or enroll through the link: or call us at 051-223-221.

If you are not entirely sure if DoReWe is the right choice for you, we are happy to offer you a:


Give us a call, you'll enjoy your time with us!



#10 Why, when, and where to enroll in music school?

Actively involving preschool and school-age children in musical education will significantly shape their childhood. They will no longer just observe music from a distance but will begin to feel it, create it, actively listen to it, and communicate with it.

When is the right time to enroll? There is no universal answer to this question. We believe it's when a child shows interest and, most importantly, a desire to learn an instrument or music in general. In our music school, we enroll preschoolers, with the youngest being only 4 years old, as well as adults and seniors in their third life stage. Our oldest student is 87 years old.

Enroll at the beginning of the year or is it too late during the year? If possible, students should start attending classes in September. This way, we can easily form homogeneous groups and adjust the level to each individual. Additionally, the student can follow the entire program with peers. But don't worry—joining during the year is not too late! Based on prior knowledge, we place you in an established group, offer individual lessons if needed to catch up with peers, and get the learning process started.

How to choose the right instrument? Instruments are as diverse as people. In our music school, we offer piano lessons—individual, group, and paired.

We believe the piano is one of the more universal instruments, allowing a child to easily play their favorite songs on the piano in a short amount of time. If desired, they can also sing along.

Why our school? We believe we can provide children with a comprehensive understanding of the world of music in a way they can grasp. We achieve this through a thoughtful music program, a selection of songs intertwined with the basics of music theory. In addition, we add singing songs and playing the piano. All of this is accomplished in group lessons, which typically consist of up to 5 people. We believe this is a method that motivates children and fosters a desire for progress. Join us and give it a try.



Opinion of a mother of one of our students:

"Last September, when my Mark "battled" with me to play the piano, life sent me a flyer from DoReWe.

There's nothing better than having a child learn to play the piano, theory, and singing all in one place.

Moreover, I don't need to drive him anywhere; he just goes back to his elementary school.

A happy child, and an even happier mom! 😄!

Grade 5 our of 5 😉!




This time, a music quiz for pop music lovers:

In 1975, the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" was at the top of the English charts for 9 weeks. Then it was surpassed by a song whose name is actually mentioned in the lyrics of the song "Bohemian Rhapsody." Which song and which band knocked Queen off the top spot?

P.S. Let the photo, taken by our team during a summer visit to a musical in London, be a hint.



In the YOU SPREAD section, we ask you to share information about enrolling in our music school with at least one friend, acquaintance, colleague, neighbor, or another person you think would be interested in learning the piano or singing. Let them contact us with your help, and we will ensure that they bring more music into their lives.

In times of great responsibilities and constant stresses, both for adults and children, we are all looking for suitable solutions.

More frequent vacations, massages, meditations, sports... At DoReWe, we swear that one of the solutions is:


Life with music is less stressful and more connecting. When people sing, play the piano, or another instrument, they are simply happier.

Our vision is to bring music into EVERY HOME!

Thank you for your time; see you and have fun in the next issue.

DoReWe greetings!


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