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DoReWe Diary #17


March 2024

Dear DoReWe members and music enthusiasts,

Welcome to the seventeenth edition of our DoReWe Diary. We hope you will enjoy reading it. We envite you to continue writing to us and to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

In this edition we are excited to share the following stories with you:

DO RE WE NEWS: New music rooms in Kamnik/ Mentors at a musical course in London/ Youngest members of the DoReWe team

FANTASTIC TIP: Impact of music of infants from birth onwards

SONATA FROM THE STREET: DoReWe approach and mentors as seen by a young adult

LA LA QUIZ: First musical staged in theatres




New music rooms in Kamnik: center of musical creativity

With some pride and enthusiasm, we announce expansion of our locations and the opening of new music rooms in the heart of Kamnik town. This new venue will become the focal point of our musical community, hosting various gatherings, concert preparations, lessons, and other educational and music-oriented activities.

The rooms have an exceptional central location and impressive architectural design, featuring large windows, stone pillars, beams and brick ceilings, creating a very positive atmosphere. Nevertheless, renovation of rooms was necessary, and we dedicated the entire month of March to it. In order to optimize renovation costs, we opted for DO-IT-YOURSELF in most aspects - from plastering, removing old paint, applying new coats, furniture assembly, cleaning and more. For electrical issues we played it safe and called professionals. 😜

Almost all members of our team rolled up their sleeves and helped out! Men, women, boys, girls, even children  happily volunteered to assist! 👏 👍

With such support and dedication from our team, we were able to run the first lessons in the new music rooms by the end of March. We will soon be gathering in our new music rooms for the opening ceremony, so watch this space! 

Tinkara and Jonatan - the youngest DoReWe members

We are pleased to announced another important "expansion" which took place in March. Namely, two new members joined the DoReWe team - the youngest and the cutest. Tinkara was welcomed into the world by her mother Katarina, our office manager, while Jonatan was born to his mother Kristina, our head of music.

We warmly welcome them among us and look forward to sharing musical adventures and joy Tinkara and Jonatan will bring to their families and us all.

Mentors at a musical course in London

DoReWe team recently returned from London, where they underwent training in musicals. With a very busy schedule, the mentors managed to gain a wealth of new knowledge and are eager to apply it in practice during our musical camps and workshops this summer.

During the workshops, they also refined the draft of our upcoming musical "Ella's Impossible Dreams", which will be undertaken during the summer camps. More information about the upcoming summer camps and workshops can already be found on our website under the "Holiday Workshops" tab.

As a perfect ending to their training in London, the DoReWe team attended the musical "The Lion King." According to them, the singing, dancing, acting, and stage design were a feast for the eyes and soul and served as a great inspiration for our future work. 



#17 The impact of music on infant development from birth onward

In honour of mothers who have just given birth and the two youngest members of the DoReWe team, we address the importance of listening to music during pregnancy and from birth onwards.

Research has shown that music soothes infants and influences the development of their hearing and overall brain functionality. Music stimulates various areas of the brain, including memory, attention, and reasoning.

Additionally, active participation of infants in musical activities such as singing and dancing enhances their motor skills and develops coordination between movement and sound.

In summary, listening to music is extremely important for the holistic development of infants and it enables their progress in many areas of life.



One of our students, 21-year-old Gašper, wrote:

"I came to DoReWe on recommendation and was warmly welcomed from the very first phone call. Although I initially chose a teacher who led the lessons excellently and encouraged me in the learning process, I soon found myself surrounded by several additional teachers.

With their professional and personal approach to teaching singing, they inspire me daily and give me hope to one day achieve my desired goals.

Honestly, if I had known that such music teachers existed, I would have started singing sooner. Thank you."



When was the first musical staged in theatres?

a) In the 16th century

b) In the 18th century

c) In the 19th century

d) In the 20th century

The first ever musical was called "The Beggar's Opera," which was first performed in 1728 in London. This musical, conceived as a satirical comedy, combined music with dialogue and dance, laying the foundations for the development of modern musicals.



DOREWE FAMILY DAY - a spring concert honoring all families who encourage their children on the musical path, is fast approaching. This year's concert will be especially interesting. Our students, mentors, and some parents will perform songs on piano, guitar, saxophone, and sing songs from well-known musicals.

You can join us at the concert on Friday, April 12, 2024, at the Kamnik Cultural Center, Fužine 10, 1240 Kamnik, starting at 7:00 p.m. We recommend attending the concert even if you are not related to the performers, as this is the best way to get to know our mentors and the programs we offer.


Thank you for your time. We look forward to sharing more interesting and fun stories in the next issue.

Greetings from DoReWe!


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