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DoReWe Diary # 14


December 2023

Dear DoReWe members and music enthusiasts,

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of our DoReWe Diary. We hope you will enjoy reading it. We invite you to continue writing to us and to follow us on Facebooku and Instagramu.

In this edition we are excited to share the following stories with you:

DO RE WE NEWS: DoReWe Christmas concert/ December performances: Sinterklass in Ljubljana, Enchanting fair in Domžale, Christmas songs and stories in Supernova 

FANTASTIC TIP: How the song Silent Night was created

SONATA FROM THE STREET: A note of gratitude from one of our British School mothers

LA LA QUIZ: Which Christmas carol has been translated into the most languages?

TINY TREASURES: Have joyful holidays and perform for your loved ones



DoReWe Students' Christmas Concert

Our students and their mentors treated us to a wonderful Christmas concert this year at the Cultural Centre Radomlje. In fact, there were so many performing students that we divided the concert into three one-hour parts, namely:

  • 10:30am, a morning concert in English

  • 3:00pm, an afternoon concert in Slovenian

  • 6:00pm, an evening concert in Slovenian

More than 100 students performed. The program was interspersed with solo acts, duets, or group performances; some sang, others played instruments, while some did both simultaneously.

Among the numerous students, our adult students also performed. We are especially proud of them because it takes a completely different kind of courage to perform in childhood than it does later in one's thirties. So, Zala, Milica, Svetlana, Marina, and Jan, sincere congratulations from us for your courage, and especially for the wonderful rendition of all three songs: Mamma Mia, Jingle Bells, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

We must also not forget our youngest MINI MUSICIANS from the British and French schools, who, despite some being only 3 years old, while others up to 5 years old, confidently took to the stage. They were certainly the most endearing of all, especially when, from the original song "Ten Green Bottles," which the children adapted into their version "Red Santas," a completely new, unexpected version "Green Santas" emerged at the end. Improvisation from an early age, well done! 😃👍

In addition to all the soloists, groups of students also performed, both on the piano and vocally. There is less stage fright when performing in a group, as students encourage each other and don't feel alone on stage. However, it is true that playing the piano in a group is more demanding in terms of rhythm, coordination, and execution. So, sincere congratulations to all the groups as well.

Each part of the concert also featured some of the most beautiful Christmas stories selected and prepared by our mentor Boris:

  1. "A Christmas Reunion" addressed families and promoted good neighborly relations.

  2. "Silent Night" recounted the creation of the song Silent Night and advocated for finding inner peace for those going through difficult times.

  3. "Lily's Christmas Gift" encouraged children to engage in acts of charity.

  4. "All Different, All Christmas" advocated for embracing diversity among us all.

  5. "Advent Candles," with its important message that as long as hope burns, we can light other candles - peace, faith, and love, guided us into the holiday season at the end of the concert.

After the concert, there was an award ceremony to commend successful performances and all additional participation in various Christmas events. Additionally, some children received praise for their diligence and regular practice at home. This was followed by socializing and enjoying dishes prepared and contributed by parents. We toasted to successful performances and the upcoming year.

December performances: Sinterklass in Ljubljana, Enchanting Fair in Domžale, Christmas Songs and Stories in Supernova

December is a time for gathering, musical performances, and spreading joy. In this festive spirit, DoReWe students took part in several performances:

  1. At Sinterklass, or the arrival of Saint Nicholas for Dutch-Slovenian families, Mark  and Xixi  played the piano together with mentors Boris and Nevena.

  2. At the Enchanting Fair in the main square of Domžale, Urša, Tinkara, Julija, Mark, Xixi, Ronja, Lia, Ana, Marta, Mila, Zala, Sheila, Isabella, Dana, Nour, Nace, and Amadeja  sang and played some of the most beautiful Christmas songs.

  3. At the event Christmas Stories and Songs in Supernova Šiška, the youngest children were delighted by the singing and playing of Xixi, Nour, David, Tinkara, Titus, Urša, Vita, Sheila, Brina, Maša, Nace, Marta, and  Mila.

Sincere thanks and congratulations to all the performers for enhancing all these events and bringing joy to both older and younger audiences with your songs.



#14 How was the song Silent Night created?  

The song Silent Night (originally Stille Nacht, in English Silent Night) is one of the most beloved Christmas carols of all time. Its lyrics have been translated into over 300 languages.


It originated in the small Austrian village of Mariapfarr near the city of Salzburg, where in 1816, a young Catholic priest, Father Joseph Mohr, wrote the lyrics. The melody was composed by Franz Xaver Gruber, a village schoolteacher and organist in the nearby village of Arnsdorf. On Christmas Eve in 1818, Mohr brought the lyrics to Gruber and asked him to compose the melody and guitar accompaniment for the midnight mass, after the church organ had been damaged by floods. Gruber borrowed the melody for Silent Night from Mozart's divertimento in E-flat major for wind instruments, specifically using the Andante from the first movement.

The song was first performed on Christmas Eve in 1818 at the Nikolauskirche, the parish church in Oberndorf. The simple melody and beautiful lyrics captivated listeners over 200 years ago. The song symbolizes the profound peace found in moments of silence and reflection.



The mother of one of our students at the British School wrote the following:


"Do Re We Music🎶 School is an exceptional institution that truly embodies professionalism and care for its students. I had the pleasure of attending their high-performance concert on the 16th of December 2023, and it was incredibly well-organized, showcasing the remarkable talent nurtured within the school.


Helena, the manager, deserves immense gratitude for orchestrating such a flawless event. Her dedication to ensuring every detail was perfect truly shone through in the concert's execution.


As a parent, I'm especially grateful to Ana Maria, who serves as my daughter's mentor. Her ♾️ guidance, support, and dedication have been invaluable in shaping my daughter's musical journey at Do Re We. Ana Maria's expertise and encouragement have not only enhanced my daughter's skills but have also made the learning process enjoyable.


I highly recommend Do Re We Music School to anyone seeking professional musical education coupled with a warm and supportive environment.

Thank you for the fantastic experience❤️"



Which Christmas song has been translated into the most languages?

Here you can watch what we believe is one of the most beautiful renditions.



In this section, we encourage all our students to delight someone during the holidays with their playing or singing. Whether it's dad or mum, younger sister or brother, grandparents, a lonely neighbour, or anyone else. Prepare a small act or a larger performance and bring them joy with your musical talents. We promise that it will be not only beautiful for the listeners but also for you, the students.

The DoReWe team wishes all our students and their families



All the best to our DoReWe members, looking forward to reading and having fun together in 2024!

Greetings from DoReWe!


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