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DoReWe Diary # 15


January 2024

Dear DoReWe members and dear music enthusiasts,

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of our DoReWe Diary. We hope you will enjoy reading it. We invite you to continue writing to us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

In the fifteenth edition of the DoReWe Journal, you will find the following stories:

DO RE WE NEWS: DoReWe Scholarships/Educational seminar for DoReWe mentors/Interviews with candidates for new mentors

FANTASTIC TIP: How to make the most of the beginning of the new year and extra motivation to learn something new

SONATA FROM THE STREET: Opinion of one of our piano and singing mentors

LA LA QUIZ: Your criteria for job hunting

TINY TREASURES: Share scholarship opportunity



DoReWe continues to offer scholarships this year

At DoReWe, we believe in social welfare and everyone's responsibility for social good.

With this in mind, we continue to offer scholarships to cover the tuition fees for learning piano and/or singing at DoReWe in the current school year. Scholarships are available to children in all primary schools where we teach. Some scholarships have already been awarded, but applications are still open.

Scholarships are awarded from our own funds, specifically for children from socioeconomically disadvantaged families, with a strong desire to play the piano or sing, who otherwise could not afford such extracurricular activities. Parents interested in the scholarship should visit our music school page  and apply via email at

Educational seminar for DoReWe mentors

In January, we held an educational seminar for DoReWe mentors in the meeting room of the Korobač Kamnik restaurant. This time, we focused on the advantages and challenges of group piano and piano with singing teaching.

Part of the seminar was conducted as a workshop where mentors shared their experiences with the whole team. We created "flash cards" with various ideas and tips for theoretical, rhythmic, melodic, warm-up, and other exercises and games in the classroom. Mentors brainstormed energetically and enthusiastically all afternoon, and the result was correspondingly good. So, students, get ready, mentors now have some additional interesting exercises and games up their sleeve to improve your knowledge!

Interviews with prospective new mentors and guitar and drum lessons

In January, we conducted interviews with more than 20 candidates for future DoReWe mentors at Japan Pianos in Ljubljana over four mornings. In addition to new candidates for teaching piano, singing, piano with singing, and musicals, we also selected mentors for teaching percussion and guitar.

So, we are pleased to announce that we will soon expand our offerings to include teaching percussion and guitar.



#15 How to make the most of the beginning of the new year and extra motivation to learn something new?

Many people feel an extra motivation to engage in something new at the beginning of the new year, whether it's learning a new language, taking up a new sport, or learning a new instrument.

If you're gathering the courage for your "New Year's resolution" to involve music, here's some advice:

  1. Choose an instrument: Decide which instrument you want to play. Consider personal preferences, the type of music you like, and the availability of resources for learning that instrument.

  2. Set goals: Set clear and achievable goals for your musical journey. This may include learning specific songs (e.g., jazz, pop, classical), mastering certain techniques, or performing frequently in front of an audience.

  3. Choose the right music school: If possible, find a suitable music provider in your area. Another option is to use the many online resources, exercises, and apps for self-learning (in this case, learning may not necessarily be tailored to your level of knowledge).

  4. Start with the basics: Begin by learning the basics of music theory, such as reading sheet music and understanding rhythm. Practice basic exercises to improve hand mobility and coordination. Choose some of the easiest basic songs that you like and that will motivate you.

  5. Stay motivated: Learning an instrument can be challenging, so it's important to stay motivated. Celebrate small achievements and progress, find inspiration from your favorite musicians, and surround yourself with a supportive community of musicians. Learning in a group is often good motivation, as learning an instrument is often easier in the company of peers and music enthusiasts.

In conclusion, at DoReWe, we certainly encourage such New Year's resolutions and enroll students throughout the school year, even in January.



Our mentor Nika, who mainly teaches group piano with singing, wrote the following after a presentation music workshop at one of the primary schools:

"We had a great time... and at the same time, we introduced playing the piano and singing to the children in a friendly way. I advocate for connecting piano and singing, so I always sing along while playing the piano. That's how it was yesterday too. Together with the children, whom I directed in playing the piano, I sang and played the piano to accompany them, creating a mini duet in the end. The parents were very enthusiastic, saying 'Look at all that can be done from a simple beginner's song like Watchdog' or 'Wow, you two really connected and played this song beautifully.' Some recorded their children and were truly proud. Such positive responses mean a lot to me as a mentor...

Parents are also very excited that we are a 'travelling' music school. I think it means a lot to them. The concept of group teaching, especially for younger children, suits them better than individual teaching. Group learning is ideal for the youngest, as it resembles more 'music workshops' rather than strict piano lessons, where students would just sit and play. During these lessons, students can relax a bit and truly feel the music and playing as something positive, which is a good guideline for the future."

We are very pleased that mentors in our school feel good and warmly welcome our unique approach - convenient group teaching. We believe that new mentors will soon feel our "pulse" and successfully teach both individual lessons and groups.



What are your main criteria when looking for a job? Which 3 of the following would you choose as the most important:

1 - Salary

2 - Team

3 - Learning and career development

4 - Work location

5 - Work schedule

6 - Job tasks

7 - Benefits

8 - Stability and security

9 - Company values

10 - Work-life balance



Please share the news about the DoReWe scholarships. You might just find the right candidate for a scholarship and brighten their childhood.

Thank you for your time, have fun and see you in the next issue.

Best wishes from DoReWe!


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