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DoReWe Diary # 4


February 2023

Dear DoReWe members,

Welcome to the fourth edition of our DoReWe Diary. We hope you will enjoy reading it and participate by writing to us or simply having fun at home playing the piano or singing. If you received this message from a friend, please forward it to others who you think would pass the DoReWe test :-). You can also find some videos and updates on our social media. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

In the fourth edition of the DoReWe Diary, you will find the following exciting stories:

DO RE WE NEWS: Teacher training seminar/Start of teaching at FRS Elementary School and piano masquerade/Music workshop at Celtra offices

FANTASTIC TIP: Enjoy playing and practice a lot, progress will come

SONATA FROM THE STREET: The opinion of a student who became our Klavirko mascot

LA LA QUIZ: Are you up for music in the workplace?

TINY TREASURERS: Coming up "DoReWe Family Day"



Training Seminar for DoReWe Teachers

In February, DoReWe organized a full-day training seminar for teachers. We gathered in the conference room of Korobač Restaurant in Kamnik and covered a range of topic. Helena presented the organizational aspects of the music center to the teachers, while our music director Kristina provided a detailed presentation on best practice pedagogical approaches when working with children and their musical development. Mladen presented on the benefits of a group teaching approach for piano, as described and explored by Christopher Fisher in his book "Teaching Piano In Groups."

One of the key topics at the seminar was the approach to teaching children. It was emphasized that learning should be conducted through play and fun (which promotes motivation and, consequently, successful learning), while achieving high educational standards.

During the seminar, we also had the opportunity for socializing and exchanging experiences with other teachers. With the new knowledge, we are now even more prepared for effective classroom teaching and determined to help students achieve their goals.


Start of Teaching at Franc Rozman Stane School and Piano-themed Costumes

The month of February is also the month of carnival festivities and masquerades. Our students put on some very original costumes this year. At Franc Rozman Stane Primary School in Ljubljana, where we have just started teaching, we had a charming astronaut, a brave Harry Potter, and several other superheroes sitting at the piano.

Most of the heroes had special powers - some could fly, others were unbeatable in combat. But they all agreed with us that one of the main superpowers in life is knowledge. And that includes the knowledge of playing the piano!



Music Workshop at Celtra Offices

This month, we organized a music workshop for the employees of Celtra. Teachers Nevena and David opened the workshop with the song "Fly Me To The Moon". After a brief introduction to the teaching methods at DoReWe, we warmed up the Celtra team with the song "Hallelujah" and then invited them to the keyboards, where many of them tried playing for the first time in their lives. They eagerly followed our explanations about finger placement, different keys, and note durations, and soon played their first song.

At the end of the two-hour workshop, the Celtra team played and sang "Imagine" by John Lennon together. Their broad smiles were a testament to the unique sense of satisfaction when the first melody resonates from beneath their fingertips.

The team spirit was exceptional, and Celtra proved to have musical talent among its ranks, with especially courageous team members who are not afraid of any challenge.

Go Celtra! You definitely have the music in you!



#3 A Keyboard is Sufficient to Start With

Parents often wonder which piano to buy for a beginner. We advise that, to start with, a keyboard is sufficient. Keyboards are more affordable and practical compared to pianos. They also take up less space and are easier to move from room to room. Many of our students practice in their own rooms and then organise mini concerts for other family members in the living room.

We recommend keyboards that have at least dynamic keys, and if possible, weighted keys (depending on your budget, of course). At DoReWe, we offer the option to rent a keyboard, which is practical, especially for those who are just starting to learn to play the piano.



This is what Tjaša, a student who has often dressed up as our Klavirko mascot, wrote about DoReWe:

"Helena and her team are so warm-hearted and positive that even sweating inside their adorable mascot was the most fun and effortless job I have ever done. Thank you for letting me be part of your story."




Employers and business leaders often wonder how to motivate their employees, how to ensure greater satisfaction and thereby increase productivity.

Experts emphasise that workplace efficiency can also be enhanced through music.

Research has shown that music:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety among employees,

  • Increases dopamine levels and thus improves well-being,

  • Boosts creativity, social interactions, and teamwork.

That's why at DoReWe, we offer music workshops and team-building activities for companies.

We're interested to know how you currently enjoy music in the workplace. Is it by:

  1. Listening to your own music through the radio or the internet,

  2. Listening to music together with your colleagues,

  3. Singing or playing music together with colleagues at events?



On Saturday, March 25th, Mother's Day will be celebrated in Slovenia and around the world. At DoReWe, we believe it's important to celebrate not only mothers but also fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts, and all family members who support children on their musical or life paths and stand by their side.

For this purpose, on Saturday, March 25th at 11:00 a.m.,

at the Ljudski dom in Šentvid near Ljubljana, we're organising

DoReWe Family Day

featuring a concert by our students and teachers,

for immediate and extended family members, as well as family friends.

The program will also include performances by dancers from Ana's Ballet School, led by Ana Trojnar, and singers from the Glas Srca Singing School, led by Neža Drobnič Bogataj.

Therefore, in the "Tiny Treasures" section, we kindly ask you to mark the date and share the information with other family members, so they can join us at the concert.

Thank you for your time, and we'll read and have fun in the next issue.

DoReWe greetings!


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