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DoReWe Diary # 11

Presentation events, commencement of the new school year, and the significance of music education

September 2023

Dear DoReWe members and dear music lovers,

Welcome to the new school year, in which we continue with our monthly publication of the DoReWe Diary blog. We believe you will continue to enjoy reading it. We invite you to write to us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

In the eleventh edition of the DoReWe Diary, you will find the following exciting stories:

DO RE WE NEWS: Presentation events/New locations and new music books/Music education as a wonderful journey for life

FANTASTIC TIP: Preparing for piano lessons after the holidays

SONATA FROM THE STREET: Thanks from the organizers of the Beetle Festival and the Magic Day

LA LA QUIZ: Song selection for the DoReWe music notebook

TINY TREASURES: Share the invitation to the mini-musical Pumpkin Roundhead.



Musical challenges for children and adults at presentation events: Children's Fair, Magic Day, and Beetle Festival

In September, we, the DoReWe team, organized piano-vocal challenges for children and adults at three presentation events. First, we participated in the Children's Fair at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, the largest educational and entertainment family event in Slovenia. This year, the fair attracted 15,000 visitors, many of whom also stopped by our booth. The participating children were invited, partly in jest and partly seriously, to a "photoshoot" where they enjoyed themselves almost as much as on stage.

We also took part in the Magic Day event at the Volčji Potok Arboretum, which attracted numerous families from all over Slovenia. Both young and old enjoyed our musical challenges - they tried their hand at percussion, singing canon, playing basic chords, and dressed up in costumes of African animals, which once again accompanied us on stage.

Finally, we also headed to the Beetle Festival in Domžale, where we were greeted by a wonderful atmosphere and excellent sound on stage. Visitors enthusiastically applauded our singers, who performed a shortened version of the mini-musical The Lion Inside on stage.

All three events were a resounding success, and the DoReWe team is looking forward to the new school year with big smiles on our faces!

Commencement of the new school year: new locations and new DoReWe music books

After the presentation events, we, the DoReWe team, began piano, piano with singing, and singing lessons at all previous locations. This school year, we also offer teaching at several new locations, namely:

  • International French School in Ljubljana

  • Domžale Primary School

  • Venclja Perka Primary School

  • Dob Primary School

  • Rodica Primary School

  • Nevlje Primary School

  • Prule Primary School.

We will be delighted if your children join us for introductory sessions, where we can explain and demonstrate our teaching methods in more detail.

Your children will also receive new, improved DoReWe music books, which our music director Kristina prepared with the team. They are based on the circle of fifths and include accompanying theory as well as a selection of various songs by difficulty levels.

Music education as a wonderful journey for life

At the beginning of the new school year, we would like to thank the parents of all enrolled students for their trust. Together with you, we recognize that the presence of music in a child's life has numerous positive effects on their overall development. Through playing the piano and singing, students not only develop musical abilities but also enhance their memory and discipline, cultivate emotional intelligence and social skills, and strengthen their confidence through regular performances.

Investing your energy, time, and financial resources in your child's music education is an investment in their future. The skills children acquire will not only be short-term but will also contribute to their success in life in later stages.



#11 How to prepare for instrument/singing lessons after summer vacation?

After many weeks spent in various summer activities and a break from practicing instruments or singing, getting back "on track" can be quite a challenge. Vacations are certainly needed, but in September, one must slowly shift focus back to work. How do we return to our old routines?

Here are some tips and "tricks" to ease the transition and return to the established routine.

  1. If you've neglected practicing your instrument during the summer vacation, you'll want to open your case and check if the instrument still works properly 😊. Perhaps it's time to tune the piano again?

  2. Start practicing slowly with longer breaks. First, review your finger techniques, scales, and chords. Play a song from memory to revive it from the summer's rest.

  3. You might want to refresh your memory by playing music games online or using apps. For example, Sight Reading Factory offers thousands of free exercises, and their website provides many resources for musicians of all levels.

  4. Invite some friends from your group lessons for a musical get-together. Playing with other musicians strengthens your abilities, helps you rediscover your enthusiasm for playing, and reminds you why you chose this instrument in the first place.

  5. Although summer may seem too short, after a few weeks, you'll be back in your established routine of playing or singing, where you'll also enjoy yourself. Wisely use your time and attention to refocus on your instrument so that both of you can shine together in the fullness of musical performance.



This is how Mrs. Mira, who is responsible for organizing the Beetle Festival in the Municipality of Domžale, thanked us:

"We are delighted that you were part of the 5th Beetle Festival and with your activities helped bring many smiles to the faces of our youngest."

Here's how they wrote to us from "Zavod Zaupanje" (Trust Institute):

"On behalf of the Trust Institute, the organizer of the Magic Day at the Volčji Potok Arboretum, and all the visitors, we sincerely thank you for your contribution to the Magic Day! Together, we managed to create an unforgettable event, where there was the buzz of children's activity and the joy of thousands of children. Visitors enjoyed more than 50 different workshops, had fun at the Magic Stage, and went home with unforgettable memories and creations.

We must not forget the children, whom - also thanks to you - we will enable to participate in extracurricular activities that they would not otherwise be able to afford due to various circumstances. The Magic Day will continue to bring smiles to children's faces long after the event."



Completed DoReWe books contain a variety of songs for our students. Which songs would you like to learn in piano or singing lessons? Write to us with your wishes and ideas.



In October, for Halloween, we will perform the mini-musical Pumpkin Roundhead in collaboration with the Cultural Association Our Stage. This time, we have also invited excellent and award-winning dancers from the Miki Dance School, operating in the areas of Domžale, Radomlje, and Kamnik, to participate.

You and your children can watch the performance for free at Supernova Šiška in Ljubljana. Through theater, singing, and dancing, we will explore how and why Halloween came to be. Come and see us!

We would be happy if you also share the invitation with your friends.

Thank you for your attention. We look forward to catching up again in the next issue.

Your DoReWe team!


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